v - 18.04.2005


  • choose color from RGB palette
  • choose color from WEB SAFE colors palette
  • pick color from any point of desktop window, its also available special option to choose color from desktop THROUGH Kolorgenerator window, you can choose between available 14 degrees of magnify, its possible to pick colors serial
  • creating a path between two selected colors (path creations depends on how many color buffers are available for operation - up to 255
  • creating a path from selected color to black and white, especially usefull for creating schemes for CSS styles
  • copying colors between buffers
  • swap colors between buffer
  • generating a contrast color to selected one
  • export color palette to few popular formats:
    ACT - color table,
    PAL - Microsoft palette file,
    ACO - Photoshop swatches,
    GPL - GIMP palette file.
  • import colors palette from ACT and PAL files
  • export colors (selected one or bigger range) to system clipboard as txt in selected data format.
    Available data formats: HTML, RGB, MS VC++, MS VB, CMYK, JAVA, PASCAL, HSV/B, its also possibility to modify data format or creating new one needed
  • cutting color to gray shades
  • generating new random color
  • activating application HOTKEY which can in fast way show/hide Kolorgenerator window
  • docking tool window to desktop corners
  • "live" conversion to WEB SAFE colors palette
  • at start program have 16 color buffers available but you can increase amount of colors up to 256
  • you can manipulate selected color in RGB or HSV range (use sliders), at the RGB tab you can directly input decimal or hexadecimal color values.

Kolorgenerator has buildin tooltips system, just place mouse pointer over button/object wait a moment for tooltip.