v - 18.04.2005


Kolorgenerator (colors generator) is a tool designed especially for people working with colors. Can be usefull for programmers and webmasters as well as "usual" people wanting to choose right color for desktop :).
It has simply interface and user friendly tooltips system, you must spend only a few minutes to discover all functions.

Kolorgenerator works as a stand alone exe file (no need to install external VB libraries or .NET environment - everything what is needed is build in main exe) it means you can download it and run without any installation process. It's easy to move it to any place on your hard disk or run it from removable drives as a floppy disk or pendrive.

At first start program creates in current dir small configuration file. In that file all program settings will be stored. Deleting that file restores default settings for Kolorgenerator.
At this moment program is available in two language versions: polish and english (language select in config menu, translators wanted - wanna help? contact me).

Additional there are available for downloading:
- help file - kolorgenerators manual (detailed descriptions all functions)
- install set - full installer (either main exe file and help file)

  • memory leak bug fix
  • few small fixes
  • added capability - during color pick now you can calculate distance beetween two points (key 'M')
  • you can now define two additional HOTKEYS:
    call WEBSAFE palette window, selected color is copied to the system clipboard (in selected text format) (read more at TOOLTIPS)
    call color picker window ("small brother" has all functions available at Magnify tab in main Kolorgenrator app), selected color is copied to the system clipboard (read more at TOOLTIPS)
  • expanded magnify scale, now available from x2 to x15 mode
  • to color pick option was added clipboard checkbox, when it's enabled, picked color is copied to the system clipboard - in selected text format
  • few small bug fixes (now Kolorgenerator can be used under WINE too :) - thanks to Piotr Pawłow for help and testing)